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 · DOC 檔案 · 網頁檢視The duplicate copy of tax demand note was redirect from [公司名稱從略] and the date of issue was 24th February 2011. The copy was enclosed. Once she receipted Notice for Recovery of tax from [公司名稱從略], she paid the tax in amount $775,281 with 5% surcharge $38,764 immediately.
New design for tax demand notes
New design for tax demand notes The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) has adopted a new design for the salaries tax and personal assessment demand notes. An IRD spokesman said the new design, which came into effect this month (July), provided taxpayers with more information and made the tax demand notes more comprehensible.
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Relief measures: Tax payment deadline automatically …

The Inland Revenue Department announced today (April 9) that if taxpayers for salaries tax, personal assessment and profits tax have already settled the first payment in accordance with the demand note for the year of assessment 2018/19, the deadline for the
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地政總署公告 - 地政總署發出地稅繳款通知書 (發佈日期 : 2020 年 11 月 27 日) 繳納地稅的責任 《地租(評估及徵收)條例》[第 515 章] 地稅 (第 515 章所述的地租除外)
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12/3/2008 · As the tax demand note compose 2 years of assessment, please check this again e.g. Final 2006/07 $100 – Provisional Tax $30 + Provisional Tax 2007/08 $100 = Total tax paid $170 and then to be payable by 2 instalments. If this kind of calculation is not
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差 餉 徵 收 差 餉 的 基 準 差 餉 是 就 房 產 物 業 徵 收 的 稅 項 , 是 香 港 其 中 一 種 間 接 稅 , 所 得 的 收 入 成 為 政 府 一 般 收 入 的 一 部 分 。 差 餉 是 按 照 物 業 的 應 課 差 餉 租 值 再 乘 以 一 個 百 分 率 徵 收 的 , 該 租 值 是 假 設 物 業 在 指 定 的 估 價 依 據 日 期 空 置
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物 業 市 場 統 計 資 料 : 全 部 統 計 數 據 第 1-5 項 ( 截 至 2020 年 12 月 私 人 住 宅 統 計 數 字 ) 差 餉 物 業 估 價 署 櫃 位 服 務 最 新 安 排 差 餉 及 地 租 須 於 一 月 二 十 九 日 或 之 前 繳 交 招 標 承 投 為 差 餉 物 業 估 價 署 提 供 文 書 服 務
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demand note in Finance topic From Longman Business Dictionary demand note deˈmand note [ countable ] 1 ACCOUNTING a written request for payment , for example of taxes The amount payable is shown on the enclosed demand note. 2 FINANCE a loan which the lender can ask to be repaid at any time It loaned the group $1 million in the form of a demand note. → note
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To pay tax, you should enter the shroff account number for electronic payment printed on the payment voucher or the 11 – digit shroff account number printed on the bottom left of the tax demand note and skip the hypens 繳交稅款:請輸入繳款單上供電子付款專用之收款帳號或列印于稅單左下角的11位數字收款帳號,但無需輸入連字號” – ” 。
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